Board Members & Executive Directors Fundraising Course

Use Core Values to Raise More Philanthropic Support

Launching January 4, 2021

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Pamela Simmons - Coach/Mentor

Four big reasons to take this course

This course will help you discover, deepen, inspire, transform and animate your core values that can help you raise vital funds and support for your organization.

  • Change your mindset if you have fears or personal challenges with fundraising. Being passionate about the cause is the first step.
  • Philanthropy is not reserved for the wealthy. Every board member plays a role as a leader of philanthropy for their organization. This is your new job description.
  • Be the change in your organization to improve philanthropy: Learn tools that can make a difference in the culture of philanthropy.
  • Put your organization on the path to clarity about your goals and values. Understand the tremendous influence you have as a board member to move philanthropy forward.

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KCHF has benefited enormously from your expertise and guidance over the last year. I am particularly grateful that you led us through the strategic planning exercise in the winter, which has put us on the path to more clarity about the Foundation’s values and goals and how to choose among the different activities we could pursue. I have also greatly appreciated your combination of creativity and pragmatism in helping the Board think about how to get the Foundation on solid financial footing.

Alexandra Zeitz, Patron & Board Member - Kroeger Clocks Heritage Foundation

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Meet Pamela.

I believe people want to be better at being board members of their non-profits. Understanding core values is the first step.

Pamela Simmons, APR, CFRE,

Barrett CTT Consultant

Pamela knows how core values motivate people. She has 30+ years in the non-profit sector. She is a coach, mentor and fundraising consultant. Her work with people in more than 65 organizations has deepened her understanding of what encourages people to be generous and values-driven.

She is an accredited fundraiser, a master trainer, founder of Coreniche Consulting Inc. and a certified Barrett CTT Consultant.

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More information about the

Board Members & Fundraising Course: Using Your Core Values for Philanthropy

Starts January 4, 2021

5 Modules with Live Q & A's plus Private Facebook Group

Module 1 - Discovering: Your Core Values and Facing Fundraising Challenges

Module 2 - Deepening: Understanding Your Values, Challenges and Leadership

Module 3 - Inspiring: Everything your Need to Know about Fundraising & Philanthropy

Module 4 - Transforming: From Fundraising-Challenged to Leader of Philanthropy

Module 5 -Animating: Your Leader of Philanthropy Values & Vision

Course fee $497 (CDN)

or 2 payments of $250

Course plus coaching

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Don't avoid leading the philanthropy in your organizations. Throw away these phrases for good!

"Don't ask me to fundraise, I will do anything but that”

“Philanthropy is about giving money, I don't have a lot of money to give”

“I do not want to be rejected when I ask someone for money”

“I do not want to take advantage of my friendships” 

“I don’t know how to ask for money”

Invest in yourself by signing up for this course to help discover how your values can be motivators for yourself and others to help raise needed support for your organization.

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