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Free Webinar for Non-Profit Leaders

Get Back to Basics:

Discover Your Core Values and Bring Your Full Self to Your Mission

COVID19 has impacted your non-profit in many ways. But when you tap into your core values, the positive results of your mission's work and philanthropic support can be profound.

Join me for 30 minutes on January 18 to unlock the power of your core values and take your non-profit's mission to the next level.

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Webinar begins on January 18, 2021 at 12 PM CST


Discover Your Core Values helps you to define what is important to you. Values motivate our actions and behaviours and can be both positive and potentially limiting. You will learn what that's all about and how to deepen your understanding of them that will change your thinking aboutyour mission conversations.


Your personal value assessment.

You will receive a free online Personal Value Assessment and Report. This will be used in the webinar to help to unpack your values.

Giving voice to your values. 

Through self-reflection exercises and discussion you will learn how your values drive your behavior and desired future in your life.

Deepen understanding.

Find out where your values are placed on the Barrett Value Centre Seven Levels of Consciousness© Model and discover ways you can more fully live your values and use them in conversation with donors.

Animate your core values.

Use your understanding of your personal values to take your life to the next level personally, in your organization and in your community.

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Meet Pamela.

I believe people want to be better at living their values. Understanding core values is the first step.

Pamela Simmons, APR, CFRE, Barrett CTT

Pamela knows how core values motivate people. She has 30+ years in the non-profit sector. She is a coach, mentor and fundraising consultant. Her work with people in more than 65 organizations has deepened her understanding of what encourages people to be generous and values-driven.

After working with several boards, both as a staff person and board member, she has discovered that one of the best motivators is understanding core values.

She is an accredited fundraiser, a master trainer, founder of Coreniche Consulting Inc. and a certified Barrett Cultural Transformation Consultant.

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There’s no better time to get back to basics than now to know your core values. Please join me in this free webinar Discover Your Core Values. It will give you the understanding to live a more authentic life. Don’t put your personal and organizational life on hold. 

Reserve My Seat for January 18, 2021, 12 noon CST (30-minute session)