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I’m more than a fundraising consultant — I help individuals both board members and staff identify their core values to transform their decision making and donor relationships. My approach offers a deeper understanding of how to use values to become a better leader of philanthropy and make a difference for your cause.


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Discovering Your Core Values

Free Webinar

Attend this webinar to clarify your core values by taking a personal assessment and learn how to drill down to understand them. Add a 30-minute coaching session to help your journey of living your values.

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Sign up for a 30-minutes personal coaching session following your personal values assessment. Need a coaching session with your staff or team? We'll uncover your values and brainstorm ways to improve them for you, your organization's philanthropy or fundraising.

Online Courses

Sign up for my Online Courses on Fundraising

Board Members & Fundraising - Using Your Personal values for Philanthropy

Executive Directors & Development Staff - Using Your Personal values for Philanthropy

Onsite Virtual Seminars

Does your whole team need training in core values? Let me come to your company virtually and lead a seminar designed just for you.


Stay on track with regular 1-1 check-in sessions for your implementing your personal vision using values snd fundraising plans.

Fund Development Plan

Don't leave building strong philanthropic support to chance. In times of this pandemic a fund development plan that uses the core principles values can strengthen you ability to attract support and loyalty to your organization.

Fundraising Blog

Subscribe to my monthlyViewpoints Blog to get key insights into the future of your fundraising using core values before others.

Strategic Planning

My strategic planning approach using values as a starting point is efficient and motivating. Your plan will be easier to stay focussed on what's important to the future of your organization.


I am particularly grateful that you led us through the strategic planning exercise in the winter, which has put us on the path to more clarity about the Foundation’s values and goals and how to choose among the different activities we could pursue. I have also greatly appreciated your creativity and pragmatism in helping the Board think about getting the Foundation on solid financial footing. - Alexandra Zeitz, Patron, Kroeger Clock Heritage Foundation

"I think realigning of your values in comparison to how you are currently living each day, and doing it frequently as you move through different stages in your life, helps you stay focused on getting the most out of life in the best way possible. Pamela's approach was certainly an eye-opener for me and a great place to ignite my internal dialogue to remind myself of what is important to me without losing sight along the way." - Nicole H.

Pamela's approach in the webinar makes you pause, look inside yourself and actually 'awaken' the core values you somehow already knew you had --- and offers an easily understood roadmap to get you back on course to become a more positive, happier and contributing member of society. In short -- it is a win-win guide to recognizing what brings you joy -- to yourself and others. - Dwight M.

Understanding your core values is very impactful to your personal and professional life. It makes you reflect on the things that are most important to you. You can also expose areas that may need some attention to enhance your personal satisfaction. - Len A.

Pamela's webinar on core values is a fundamental lesson on identifying personal core values and their application in my life and community work. Much valued. - Lila G-E


I’m Pamela Simmons

Pamela knows how core values motivate people. She is a coach, mentor and fundraising consultant. After working with several boards, both as a staff person and board member, she has discovered that one of the best motivators for increasing board engagement and philanthropic support is understanding core values.

She is an accredited fundraiser, AFP Master Trainer, founder of Coreniche Consulting Inc. and a certified Barrett Cultural Transformation Consultant.

Over the past 30 years, my work with over 65 non-profit organizations in Canada and in the Middle East has deepened my understanding of what encourages people to be generous and values-driven…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

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