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Discovering Core Values – Free Webinar for Board Members & Executive Directors

Discovering Your Core Values – Free One Hour Webinar November 4, 6 PM

This webinar is directed at board members and executive directors who want to be better in their role as a leader, as a fundraiser (even when you say it is something “you don’t do”), and those who want to improve their focus on their daily life at home, work and community. Space is limited so hurry up and save your spot now!

Values motivate our actions and behaviours and can be both positive and potentially limiting. You will learn what that’s all about and how to deepen your understanding of them that will be help you in your role as a board member and help you live amore authentic life at home and in your community. You’ll learn how to use your core values to gain confidence to lead a more desired future. Perfect timing to celebrate for World Values Day.

Board Members & Fundraising

Use Core Values for Philanthropy – Launching in November

Many Board members have challenges and fears about fundraising. This course helps board members use their core values to overcome challenges and be a leader of philanthropy in their organization.

values are belwo the surface like an iceberg

Development Staff

Use Core Values to Deepen Philanthropic Relationships – Launching in January

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