How to Increase Board Engagement in Fundraising

quote 38% of fundraising professionals are satisfied with their board members' engagement in fundraising

In a just-released survey by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, only 38% of fundraising professionals in the US are satisfied with their board members’ engagement in fundraising. I am sure Canadian statistics are no different. Rather than trying to encourage board members to participate in fundraising from the bottom up, I believe engagement should be accomplished from the top-down.

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World Values Day 2020

World Values Day is October 15, 2020. Around the world, people will expressing a value and how they put it into action. Here are some people I interviewed who gave voice to their values.

John Einarson, Music Historian
Value – Family
Bruce Benson, Adventurer, Commercial Fisherman, Author, Founder – Flag of Humanity
Value – Commonness of Humanity

Tracy Garbutt, Advocate for the Blind, Program Lead Manager – CNIB
Value – Accessibility

Doug Speirs, Humor Columnist, Winnipeg Free Press
Value – Sense of Humour

Dwight MacAulay, CVO
My Value is Community Service

Lila Goodspeed Everett Mother, Grandmother, Community Volunteer
My Value is Inclusiveness

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